Garden Club collabortes with Town of Camden

Camden Tree Program Restores Town’s Growth Prospects

As spring approaches, and our winter snowfall melts around us, it is time to turn our thoughts to the growing season. The Town of Camden Tree program is now starting up again for 2011 and it is time to have a look at your front yard to see if you can take advantage of this outstanding and popular planting program. Any resident or business within Camden can purchase one or two trees at a substantial discount to be professionally planted on their roadside property this spring. The cost of each tree is shared equally by the Town of Camden, the Camden Garden Club and the property owner; each pay one third of the cost, just $107 per tree. There are nine varieties offered this year: Red Maple, Sugar Maple (think syrup!), Horse Chestnut, Green Ash, two kinds of Crabapple (Adams or Donald Wyman), Japanese Tree Lilac, Callery Pear and Red Oak.

The trees will be planted by Hoboken Gardens and are guaranteed for one year. A sign-up sheet is available at the Camden Town Office; the deadline for ordering is April 15th.

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