Over 200 volunteers prepare for Thursday’s House & Garden Tour

Putting up banners around town is just one of the 200-plus jobs filled by the Camden Garden Club’s 140 members and their friends, neighbors, kids, husbands and significant others in order to put on the Club’s 64th annual  House and Garden Tour.   On the day of the tour, the full complement of 200 will be staffing the tour itself-some as greeters in the houses and gardens, some as parking or traffic assistants outside, some as ticket takers and sellers.

Rain or shine, the tour goes on, the result of a huge cooperative effort among many unsung heroes.   For instance–Retailers cooperate by providing space for the Tour’s Posters, over 100 of which have been delivered to them by volunteers in Camden, Belfast, Rockland and beyond.   Neighbors to the eight houses and gardens on the tour cooperate with the inevitable traffic created by the likely 800 to 1000 visitors to this event, and allow signs to be put up on their lawns.  Some B&Bs have purchased advance tickets from local sellers for customers who want to be first in line at whichever house or garden they choose to start the tour-and save $5.00 on the $30 day-of-tour price.

Members have hosted innumerable committee meetings at their homes over the year preceding the tour, in order to design the tour, the tickets, the banners, the floral arrangements, the wooden signs, the press releases. They have taken ‘road trips’ to verify traffic patterns to the homes and inside them;  contacted police and public officials for permits-scheduled the production of each item used in the tour-and, to tell the truth, had rather a bit of fun in doing it.

Contributors have kick-started the tour’s funding with donations.   All ticket income is used to pay for many of the things that made Camden look so upbeat all year-the seasonal flower baskets or wreaths on Camden’s lamp-posts, the gardens at the Public Landing, the Village Green and in traffic medians, plus Union Street’s downtown bridge and archway flower  boxes and many special projects.

Last but not least, the very special persons who open their homes and gardens for the tour will have a contribution made in their names to the non-profit of their choice, although matching their generosity to the Camden Garden Club is about impossible-they make this annual event possible for all the people who enjoy it, many of them repeaters who come back every year.
For more information & tickets, contact:  http://www.camdengardenclub.com

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