Scholarship Recipients honored at Annual Membership Luncheon

        The club’s annual luncheon held June 14th at the Whitehall Inn, was the first club event conducted by our new president Judith Tarbox.  Eleven new members were introduced and two of the five scholarship recipients (all in environment or horticulture-related majors) stood to tell the club about their studies and goals:  Sam Vail, CHRHS class of 2011, who is attending Hampshire College and Margaret Keefe , CHRHS class of 2012 who will enter Mount Holyoke this fall.  Additionally, the following past winners had their scholarships extended:  Asa Hastings Peats, CHRHS class of 2009, who will be a senior at the University of Rhode Island,  Jessie Maria Mathews, CHRHS class of  2010, a junior at Boston University, and Adrienne Horne, CHRHS class of 2010, attending Smith College. The garden club’s scholarship program is funded in part by its annual Plant Sale which features perennials potted from members’ gardens.

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