Talk on the Making of a National Landmark in Camden

amphitheater.3[1]In another of the Camden Garden Club’s winter horticulture programs, on Tuesday, February 17th, Dave Jackson, the Parks Director for the Camden Public Library, will talk about “The Long Road to National Historic Landmark Status for the Library and its Amphitheatre.” .

The 2015  Horticulture series celebrates topics of historical importance to Camden as the Camden Garden Club rolls out its Centennial Year. 

Along with Camden Harbor Park, the amphitheatre was designed by renowned architects, the Olmstead Brothers and Fletcher Steele. One Olmsted historian has written that the parks are “spaces planned by two of the most important American landscape architects of the twentieth century,” stating that no other town in Maine “has a legacy of public landscape design that equals that of Camden.”

Dave Jackson and his wife, Nancy, have lived in Rockport since 1984.  Dave’s immersion in the area’s civic life –  Coastal Opportunities, Camden Downtown Network, and Camden Business Group boards, as well as Rockport committees (Parks, Budget, Opera House) —  made his selection as Community Person of the Year in 2014 no surprise at all.  Dave directed the quest for national recognition for the amphitheatre and has worked to assure the health of its plantings and its use for community events.

All the Camden Garden Club’s winter programs are held in the Picker Room of the Camden library on Tuesdays at 10 a.m.  On the Tuesday, February 24th, Hammon Buck will deliver the talk that was cancelled by the Big Snow in January:  “Favorite Plants of 1915.”  On March 24,2015 Marylee Dodge, the owner of Spite House in Rockport, will bring photos of her legendary house and gardens to the morning lecture series in the Picker Room of the Camden Public library. She’ll talk about “The History of the House and Gardens of Spite House” and show a film of the moving of Spite House 85 miles by water from Phippsburg Center to its present location in 1925. 

 The public — old friends and new — are warmly invited.  The Camden Garden Club is always eager for enthusiastic new members and is a part of the Garden Club Federation of Maine, as well as National Garden Clubs, Inc.

View of amphitheater and west gate house, looking southwest



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