Camden Garden Club Lights Up the Town

WreathsThe rainy weather outside the American Legion Hall in Camden could not dampen the spirits of Camden Garden Club members, spouses, and friends on November 16. Gathering as they have for over 30 years, the group was there to create the magic that gives downtown Camden its storybook appeal during the holiday season.

OrganizerInside the hall, there were 98 fresh Balsam wreaths delivered that morning by Evergreen Farms in Damariscotta, 98 strings of twinkling white lights, 98 velvety red bows that the group hand-made in October, and the large contingent of willing volunteers ready to go to work. First, the lights were tested and passed to the stringers who wound them round wreath sized templates to form a perfect circle. The lights were then passed to the group who would wire them onto the wreaths before handing them over to the final team who attached the bows. Cheerleading the effort was organizer Karen Cease whose shouts of encouragement as each wreath was completed added to the group’s overall camaraderie.

The task was finished in record time and the assemblage stood back to admire their work and enjoy some well-deserved coffee and pastries before cleaning up and heading out. The finished wreaths were collected by Camden’s Public Works department who completed the transformation of the lampposts – and the town – just in time for Thanksgiving. Camden Garden Club is a member of the Garden Club Federation of Maine and National Garden Clubs, Inc. New members are always welcome. For more information and photos visit

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